Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, Computer labs, English lab & Robotics lab – At GTA VIDHYA MANDIR, well-equipped Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Math labs aid students in experimental learning. In this way, the theoretical concepts can be easily comprehended and appreciated by them. Computer Science Labs at GTA VIDHYA MANDIR are updated with software and hardware that students can use and benefit from. Students are trained intensively in computer applications.

Science Lab

Science labs are vital for effective science education, offering hands-on experience, detailed information, and sparking interest. They also foster skills like inquiry, manipulation, investigation, and communication, while improving conceptual understanding, cognitive abilities, and scientific temper. GTA Vidhya Mandir’s state-of-the-art science lab is well-equipped to provide students with direct, live experience through practical demonstrations and experiments, ensuring optimal knowledge retention and understanding of scientific concepts.

Computer Lab

Information Technology is now an essential part of daily life, and at our school, we emphasize its importance with well-equipped computer labs for both junior and senior students. We begin computer education from the lower primary level, offering the latest systems and internet access.

Our computer lab provides a productive learning environment with a combination of theory and hands-on experience. Students enjoy interactive learning and educational CD demonstrations. We cover a range of programs from basics to advanced, ensuring our students are well-prepared for the digital age.

We follow a one-computer-per-child policy, preparing students for the future and helping them overcome any computer-related inhibitions.

Mathematics Lab

To make math more engaging and less intimidating, GTA Vidhya Mandir has introduced the concept of a Math Laboratory. Here, students have the opportunity to explore math through hands-on experiments and informal investigations that go beyond the regular curriculum. Expert math teachers guide them with probing questions and additional resources, encouraging students to rediscover the joy of math. The lab is equipped with mathematical kits, models, charts, and measuring instruments for a practical learning experience in various math branches like Algebra, Geometry, and Arithmetic.

Robotics Lab

Introducing kids to Robotics is like opening the door to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) disciplines. Under experienced teachers’ guidance, children learn hands-on programming, design, and robot building. It fosters creativity, perseverance, confidence, programming skills, teamwork, and computational thinking while making learning enjoyable and educational.

English Lab

English Language Lab enhances the LSRW skills of students .The Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing skills are developed through the adaptive digital activities with the specific and detailed step up step guidelines.


GTA Vidhya Mandir added a feather to its cap, Presented with the BEST TECH SCHOOL award. Also, it has been credited by ICT Academy of Tamil Nadu, as being a school that makes optimum use of technology to enhance the teaching – learning experience for both students and teachers.

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