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silpa koganti
silpa koganti
The restrooms need to be cleaner. The surroundings around the school isn't desirable for children.
N!nja Muffin Gaming
N!nja Muffin Gaming
@gautam_srinivas studied here drop him a follow or else he will mog u. #hustler ❤️‍🔥💥💯 BYE BYE🧏‍♂️🧏‍♂️
Sekar Kumanan
Sekar Kumanan
Good school
Best school
Nandhini Anantha
Nandhini Anantha
Excellent coaching
Ms. Priyanka P Parent of Diya, Pre KG

We appreciate the initiative taken by GTAVM in conducting the online classes for the KG students,in this pandemic situation. Our initial fears warded off with well organised ',, classes and the teachers efforts to ensure studeMs pay attention by making them comfortable. Seesaw app brings in lot of creativity in the children and keeps the students engage productively.

Ms. Ramani Parent of Riya, UKG

Thanks GTA, education for a UKG kid during these tough times was a question. I am glad rny child could not only try to learn her basics over online class, but also enjoy with her friends and teachers, interact and celebrate functions online. The timely coordination and follow up on daily work on seesaw and freedom applications and class activities really helped bring the concept of holistic learning into reality.

Ms. Meena Bisht Parent of Om Singh Bisht, Std IV

Even during the tough times of the pandemic, GTA conducted online classes in an organised manner. The efforts invested by the teachers and the entire school management are praiseworthy. The school also organized various events online that kept the children engaged throughout the year.Good going! Keep it up!!!

Ms. M. Nithya Parent of Saikrishna Priya, Std. IX

GTA is the best school for any parent who wants their children to have a holistic development. Academics is not the only discipline and kids are given multiple platforms to perform and showcase their talent. My child was an introvert when she got admitted to the school but today she converses effortlessly with her peers and teachers and participates in so many extracurricular activities. GTA has brought a big change in my child's life. Thank you GTA!

Mr. Gulsar Peer Mohamed Parent of Shila, Std. 7 & G. Reyhaan, Std. II

In this pandemic, quick measures which are both feasible and efficient ought to be taken and GTA has fulfilled them all. Starting from the timings, homework, class work every single factor and element of an effective "online class" was duly met. As a parent, I am elated to see my child not missing an ounce of her extracurricular and academics despite the lockdown.I profusely thank the management and staff for their excellent work.

Ms. Lakshmi Venkat Std. XII

My first ever visit to GTA was in Class 9 when I had gone to participate in the interschool fest Parampara. The opportunities offered to the students, the encouragement given to participate and the boundless creativity fostered; thats GTA! The teachers and adrnin staff are always easihi approachable. Teachers were so supportive during the adrnission process for my higher studies abroad. I am truly grateful for being able to be a part of such an institution.

Ms. Suryakala Parent of Vasundhara, Std. XII

One of the major success factors of GTA is its faculty. Each and every teacher in this school is very kind and adopts a child friendly approach. Students leam the concepts so well and effortlessly as the teachers teach them in a stress free manner. The transport facility; safe and comfortable, that is provided by the school has made commuting to school easier. GTA staff and the drivers ensure that all children reach horne safely and on time which leaves the parents tension free.


GTA Vidhya Mandir added a feather to its cap, Presented with the BEST TECH SCHOOL award. Also, it has been credited by ICT Academy of Tamil Nadu, as being a school that makes optimum use of technology to enhance the teaching – learning experience for both students and teachers.

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