Entering a Kindergarten classroom in GTA VidhyaMandir K12 CBSE School in Neelankarai – ECR is like entering a world specially prepared for the comfort and stimulation of the child. It is a carefully designed environment where children work together or individually with multi-sensory materials that invite them to touch, to think, to experience

We create an environment that’s conducive to meet their educational and social needs. The class room atmosphere is free with no assigned tables.

They can choose activities that are interesting. Materials that enhance thinking and not customary toys lining the shelves.

The school follows NCERT textbooks for all subjects in classes 1 to 12.

Primary School

Education is a journey of learning, exploration and understanding. Every child needs to feel valued and happy to learn at GTA Vidhya Mandir CBSE School in ECR – Chennai

GTA VidhyaMandir provides a happy, stimulating learning environment where every child is valued. We seek to develop the aptitudes, skills and knowledge which will help pupils achieve their true potential through praise, encouragement and high expectations of work and behavior

GTA Vidhya Mandir believes in imparting holistic education to its students in the true meaning of the word

Middle School

At GTA VIDHYA MANDIR, we follow an excellent CBSE framework that is much advanced and ultimately helps in meeting the ongoing demands of the digital revolution. High-end animations are used in teaching methods where learning is transferred by means of colours, music, 3D animations and voice. Other than the curriculum specified by CBSE, we have introduced robotics, 3D printing , life skills education and computer science to enhance children’s learning experience. In this way, optimum teaching level is achieved.

Secondary School

Experiential learning is given through Work Education.Financial Education has been made part of the curriculum to impart the importance of money management. Archery, Karate, Silambam , Roller skating, Table tennis, Gymnastics, Jump rope, Calligraphy, Keyboard music, Barathanatyam, Western Dance, Chess, Theatre and Debating are offered as special activities for students to choose from.

Students can also take up activities such as Scouts and Guides, Road Safety Patrol and Junior Red Cross. They can actively take part in different school clubs such as English Club, Hindi& Sanskrit Club, Tamil Club, Math Club, Science Club, Social Science Club, Debate Club, Heritage Club, Integrity Club, Interact Club, Eco Club,  Fine Arts and Photography Club.

Senior Secondary School

Students of classes IX to XII are encouraged to opt for internships to help them assess their interests and aptitude. Career guidance is made available to classes IX to XII on a regular basis. Students attend one Life Skills class a week where they are trained in memory techniques and out-of-the-box thinking. A student counselor takes care of all student issues.  GTA Vidhya Mandir a CBSE School in Chennai at Neelankarai ECR

Courses offered for class XI & XII

Group A1 –Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Math

Group A2 – Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Physical Education

Group A3 – Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Entrepreneurship

Group A4 – Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Psychology

Group A5 – Physics, Chemistry, Computer Science, Math

Group B1 – Accountancy, Business Studies, Economics, Math

Group B2 – Accountancy, Business Studies, Economics, Physical Education

Group B3– Accountancy, Business Studies, Economics, Entrepreneurship

Group B4 – Accountancy, Business Studies, Computer Science, Math

Group C1 – Sociology, Psychology, Economics, Math

Group C2 – Sociology, Psychology, Economics, Physical Education

Group C3 – Sociology, Psychology, Economics, Entrepreneurship

Group C4– Sociology, Psychology, Economics, Biology

Core English is compulsory for all groups

Mass Media Studies/Marketing is offered as an additional elective.